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    Dear Lotus fanatics,

    Colin Chapman was the most charismatic and brilliant engineer in the history of motor racing. His innovative designs revolutionised the layout of the Grand Prix car. Through his Lotus company he not only dominated Formula 1 racing but made an extraordinary contribution to the development of the sports car. The Lotus 7, the Elite and the Elan were landmark cars that strongly influence designers to this day.

    Lotus had to produce lightweight, fast and cheap sportscars, the Elise reflects that idea of Colin Chapman.

    The Lotus Elise, described by it's makers as "the world's most advanced sports car" was first introduced to the public at Frankfurt motor show on september the 12th 1995. Named after a grandchild of the chairman and owner of Lotus, Romani Artioli.

    In december 2000, the new Lotus Elise 2 was born. Thanks to the Belgian designer "Steven Crijns", the Elise 2 gets another look. The most important change was the technical part. The roof, bigger boot, larger doorway access, the interior, etc. are improved and give the driver more comfort. There are still those who remain convinced that the original Elise is the true track experience and Elise 2 is somehow effete, but for the road customer.


    This site gives information about the Lotus Elise 2 models and everything you have to know about engine and body tuning.
    You can also check when Lotus events in Belgium will take place and participate them.



- Sunday 9/10/2005:
16th classic car @ zolder

click on picture

- Saturday 6/08/2005:
16th Oostende nachtrit

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